cut up some old pants & sewed on some ish for the summertime, new shorts :]
old scarf - studded - remnant pant leg bows

next project: rompers


Eat danger for breakfast. (08/24/11 of my365)

clever clever

earrings i made for my seastar’s barfday.

say hello to my new friend Sockquisha. 

last minute birthday present for my homie’s debut.

A Tribe Called Quest earring.

Haunted Mansion Earrings :] 
i think i’m gunna make a disneyland themed set. jewelry to represent each of my favorite rides or something

haunted mansion earrings in progress…
is this haunted room actually stretching!?!?!

made myself a DISNEYLAND necklace  :]

bike necklace & bird earrings I made for my cousin’s birthday.